NEW!  Ossur Seal-In X Transfemoral Liner & Unity Elevated Vacuum

NEW! Ossur Seal-In X Transfemoral Liner & Unity Elevated Vacuum

“The next generation of Seal-In liner technology is here! Introducing Seal-In X TF, with proven Volume Adaptive… Read More

Photographer Creates a Fantasy World for Her One-Handed Daughter to Show Her Anything is Possible

Children are Amazing! Truly they can do anything. No matter What!! “Photographer and mother Holly… Read More

Biodesign Now Offering the Rush Foot

HexHog Off Road Vehicle

Six-Wheel-Drive Off Road Vehicle Breaks Down Barriers.  Biodesign thinks this is an awsome innovation! Way… Read More


Cool “Shin Fins”   “We have many below knee amputees using shinfin fins around the… Read More

OttoBock Fitness Trainer App

Otto Bock introduces Your portable personal fitness trainer. A set of easily understandable exercises with… Read More

Cool Sports Knee & Moto Cross Knee

Check out This Cool Moto Cross Knee and all round Extreme Athletic Knee! BIOADAPT INC…. Read More

Above-Knee Prosthesis with: X3

The result of a collaboration between the US military and Ottobock, the X3 is quite… Read More

Choosing A Prosthetist

Prosthetic, Prosthetist

Great Article On Interviewing your Prosthetist: “the five mistakes to avoid when selecting your prosthetist” I… Read More

Swim Prosthesis

Swim Prosthesis

COOL SWIM PROSTHESIS Biodesign made this prosthesis with a full length carbon fiber socket and… Read More