State of the Art Brace designs treating Upper & Lower limb Pathology and Injury from head to toe

Lower Limb Orthoses
Lower limb orthoses (or braces) are designed based on your individual needs, a thorough assessment will provide the necessary information to design your orthoses. Most orthoses are custom made from a modified cast of your limb. Orthoses help to stabilize and position your limb for ambulation, pain reduction and to prevent deformity. We take care and pride in the design and fabrication of your orthoses.

Drop foot now can be treated with the use of functional neuromuscular stimulation, allowing for a decrease in compensatory movements while allowing for safe ambulation. The WalkAide® is a medical device programmed for your individual needs, it allows the foot to be lifted without the use of a brace or foot wear. Simple testing is performed to determine your eligibility for the WalkAide®. The WalkAide® is an advanced medical device which requires a physician’s prescription and can only be dispensed by Orthotists in Canada. If you suffer from drop foot do not hesitate to book an appointment to confirm eligibility.

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