At Biodesign we treat your child as if they are our own. We know it is tough being a parent and when faced with uncontrolled circumstances it is reassuring to know that an understanding clinician is there to help you. Cranial molding for Plagiocephaly is an effective form of treatment for misshapen heads.  At Biodesign we incorporate Advanced 3-D Scanning tools to effectively capture the shape of your child’s head in under a minute. NO MESSY PLASTER!!

Plagiocephaly, also known as flattened head syndrome, is characterized by a persistent flat spot on the back or side of the head of an infant. In order to normalize the flattening, an orthotist will custom fabricate a cranial remodelling orthosis or helmet for the infant. The infant will wear the helmet until the measured cranial discrepancy is within normal limits.

The cranial remodelling orthosis treatment program focuses on redirecting cranial growth toward greater symmetry. This is accomplished by maintaining contact over the prominent areas of the head, and allowing room for growth in the areas with flattening.

Please consult your family physician for diagnosis and prescription.

Treatment for Plagiocephaly typically begins between six to nine months of age but can begin up to twelve months of age. The sooner treatment begins the better, since skull growth slows around the one year mark. Treatment is continued until the desired head shape is reached.

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