Knee Braces

Knee Braces

Custom made knee braces for arthritis, ligament or meniscus injury and patellar instability.

The knee is the most complicated joint in the body and is responsible for supporting nearly all of your body weight. It functions to allow locomotion and aids in shock absorption. Injuries and arthritic changes can have a profound effect on your daily activities and can in-turn prematurely wear your uninjured leg.

Functional Knee Orthoses are designed to provide an increase in stability to ligament deficient or injured knees. They also may be prescribed by a physician for post surgical ligament reconstruction. Some of these braces can be adjusted to change the Range of Motion at the knee, to reduce the strain on the ligaments and allow time to heal.

Arthritic Knee Orthoses are designed to stabilize and reduce the forces generated within the knee. Through stabilization and applied force, knee pain may be substantially reduced within the arthritic joint space.

Knee braces can be custom made or off-the-shelf.  The appropriate course of action is determined based on the pathology or injury and the amount of time the brace is needed.  There are many custom made knee braces on the market today and all function differently, so educate yourself on all knee bracing options before making your choice.

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