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Charcot Foot!

Charcot Foot is a very serious condition typically of the foot and ankle in which fractures & Dislocations occur and relies on quick diagnosis to reduce risk of deformity, ulceration and ultimatly amputation.   Biodesign Prosthetics & Orthotics are experts in the Design and fabrication of C.R.O.W Boots (Charcot Resistant Orthotic Walker).   If you have been diagnosed by a Physician with Charcot foot and a brace or air cast walker has been prescribed contact us to help you protect your foot and regain mobility.   Charcot foot is a very serious condition requiring immediate attention. Please do not hesitate to meet with us for our opinion at one of our Locations.

Things to watch for in Diabetic Neuropathic Foot & Ankle.

1. Sudden Swelling of the foot and Ankle,  can be associated with or with out an injury (possible rolling of the ankle or simply just walking or going down stairs.)

2. Increase in temperature of the foot and ankle (warm to touch)

3. Sudden drop in the arch of the foot

4. Change in the foot and or ankle shape

5. Pain or soreness (but in severe neuropathy this may not be felt)

Again if you suspect Charcot foot, stay off your foot and contact your physician or diabetic specialist immediately, continuing to walk on your foot even with out the presence of pain you could be causing serious harm.


Idiopathic Toe Walking

Toe walking is a pattern of walking where by the child is up on the ball of their feet with no heel contact.  Idiopathic toe walking is when a child walks on the balls of their feet for an unknown reason.  Idiopathic toe walking is a term used in an otherwise healthy child who has been evaluated by their Doctor and no medical reason has been identified.  A custom designed Ankle Foot Orthotic(AFO) with and articulated ankle is a non-invasive treatment for Idiopathic toe walking.  These AFO’s allow for near normal ambulation and fits into most footwear.  With Idiopathic toe walkers the child tends to be on there toes when walking or running, this prolonged downward position of the foot can allow calf muscles to contract and tighten over time causing future range of motion issues which may need to be treated with serial casting or surgical lengthening procedures. Contact Biodesign Prosthetics & Orthotics to see what we can do for your child.

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Were Moving!

Biodesign Prosthetics & Orthotics is moving its location to provide better patient-focused care.  We are very humbled to be part of  Brantford’s community of health care providers & care givers and feel this new environment will provide better treatment space for the therapists, physicians and care givers that we work with in the community.  This state of the art facility will provide a safe working environment for our staff who work hard to provide the best care for our clients.  We are providers for: WSIB, Assistive Devices Program, War Amps & Champs, Ontario Disability Support Programs (ODSP), Ontario Works (OW), Non Insured Health Benefits (NIHB) formerly Indian Affairs, Health Claims For Auto Insurance (HCAI).  We work with all third party insurance agencies.

We provide State of the Art Prosthetics from Microprocessor-controlled Knees to Myo-Electric Hands, and bracing including Plagiocephaly and Protective helmets, low profile scoliosis braces,  Custom knee braces, Leather Gauntlets, AFOs, KAFOs, foot orthotics, upper extremity braces and braces we have not even designed yet as all our clients needs are very individualized.

If you have not yet come in to meet us at Biodesign, please feel free to stop by to see what we can do for you!  Call Now!

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Good Fun! Good Clients! Good Team!

Was just going through some images on my camera and came across a few from the summer of a client who we just made his first prosthesis for.  At Biodesign we are very honored to work for some of the most amazing people we have ever met!  I truly consider myself privileged to work with  Biodesign’s amazing team of doctors, therapists, clinicians, technicians, administration staff and great agencies who all make these great smiles possible.    Thanks again to everyone.

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