Charcot Foot!

Charcot Foot!

Charcot Foot is a very serious condition typically of the foot and ankle in which fractures & Dislocations occur and relies on quick diagnosis to reduce risk of deformity, ulceration and ultimatly amputation.   Biodesign Prosthetics & Orthotics are experts in the Design and fabrication of C.R.O.W Boots (Charcot Resistant Orthotic Walker).   If you have been diagnosed by a Physician with Charcot foot and a brace or air cast walker has been prescribed contact us to help you protect your foot and regain mobility.   Charcot foot is a very serious condition requiring immediate attention. Please do not hesitate to meet with us for our opinion at one of our Locations.

Things to watch for in Diabetic Neuropathic Foot & Ankle.

1. Sudden Swelling of the foot and Ankle,  can be associated with or with out an injury (possible rolling of the ankle or simply just walking or going down stairs.)

2. Increase in temperature of the foot and ankle (warm to touch)

3. Sudden drop in the arch of the foot

4. Change in the foot and or ankle shape

5. Pain or soreness (but in severe neuropathy this may not be felt)

Again if you suspect Charcot foot, stay off your foot and contact your physician or diabetic specialist immediately, continuing to walk on your foot even with out the presence of pain you could be causing serious harm.


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