New Temperature Controlled Prosthetic Liners

New Temperature Controlled Prosthetic Liners

Biodesign Prosthetics & Orthotics Now Offering Temperature Controlled Liners for Amputees.

“The Alpha SmartTemp Liner featuring Outlast® combines silicone with the heat management technology of Outlast®. This revolutionary liner regulates heat by responding to fluctuations in skin temperature. The Alpha Smart Temp Liner absorbs and stores heat as it builds up in a residual limb delaying the onset of sweat before it starts. By releasing stored heat as the body cools, the liner stabilizes skin temperature to keep an amputee comfortable all day.”

“The Alpha SmartTemp Liner uses one-way stretch Select fabric that controls pistoning without using a distal matrix. The Select fabric allows for circumferential stretch making it easy to don. The Alpha SmartTemp Liner retrofits with any Alpha Liner with a progressive profile”


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