New! Smaller BeBionic Hand

New! Smaller BeBionic Hand

Independence Through Technology

“Pioneering technology and innovative design features combine to make bebionic3 the world’s most lifelike, affordable, functional and easy to use myoelectric hand commercially available today.

Reliable, speedy and versatile, bebionic3 can be configured to handle almost anything you need to do. bebionic3 is designed to be stronger and more durable than other hands available, meaning that it can be worn daily, and withstand the stresses and strains of constant use.

Bebionic3 utilizes leading-edge technology and unique, ergonomic features that make it unlike any other hand available. These innovations combine to give the hand unrivalled versatility, functionality and performance”.

RSL Steeper now offers a smaller BeBionic hand for Adolescents, Women or people with smaller hands.  Come Visit us at Biodesign Prosthetics & Orthotics to see what we can do for you.

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