Monday was our first day at the clinic, and it was a very very busy one. We were welcomed with open arms by CRILE,  the clinic we were at, and they made a beautiful banner 24 children with disabilities came through the clinic, all of whom were seen by Dr.  Klein and received orthotic, seating and feeding assessment and treatment as needed.

The children we saw had similar pathologies to what is often seen in Canada: spina bifida, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, etc.

Many of the children that we saw have never had any of the bracing or seating that they truly need.  Wheelchairs are not common in Honduras, and we saw many parents carrying their non-ambulatory children around.

I had the chance to outfit many different kids with braces to support their feet, and prevent them from getting contractures. The children who have grown up without bracing tend to have severe contracture because their days and nights are spent lying flat on their beds or in hammocks.
There is minimal school support for children with disabilities in Honduras, regardless of the cognitive status of the kids.  Another important role that our team played is showing parents how to teach their kids words, colours and functional skills through play!
Most kids here have never owned toys, so they were thrilled that we were able to send home toys with them.
After an 11.5 hour day seeing patients, we were finished, and ready to recharge for day 2!

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