Thank you and your crew for giving me a very large part of my life back.  I have to admire your attention to detail and not giving up till everyone is satisfied with the finished product.  I only wish that everyone in life had the same high standards and attention to detail.  Again thank you for all you have done for me.


Don Elliott
Brampton, Ontario

Jesse listened to everything that was a factor in my life & Lifestyle.   Jesse’s technology and state of the art manufacturing cut down on costs and made making changes a simple task or at least he made it seem simple.  Jesse’s professionalism and work ethic are second to none, he has helped me to get back the quality of life that had been missing for the past two years.  Jesse and Biodesign will have all my business for all future prosthetics and I look forward to the future devices and cutting edge products.  A very special thank you goes to the staff at Biodesign for all of their hard work and dedication to their craft.  Finding the right Prosthetic company is so very important.  Biodesign is that right choice.


Steve & Linda Minke
Waterloo, Ontario

Kevin and I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how pleased we both are with Kevin’s new prosthesis. For the past year while Jesse worked on Kevin’s leg we have been ever so impressed by the quality of workmanship, Jesse’s genuine care and professionalism. This final fitting is without compare. Please feel free to add our note to the growing list of endorsements. Biodesign is the best.


Dave Chamberlain
St. Catharines, Ontario

My wife Claudia had an infection in her right hip when she was a baby which resulted in several operations and the bone in her upper right leg not growing leaving her with a short right leg. She has worn a prosthetic all her life. She had outgrown the one she had used most of her adult life and had a replacement made at a competitor’s facility. Long story short – it did not stand up and I was forced to make “upgrades” which left the prosthetic very heavy. We were in Brantford on another matter and saw the Biodesign sign when we were driving past. We decided to stop in with no appointment. Jesse was busy but made the time to meet with us to understand Claudia’s condition, what had been done and immediately started to suggest ways to make a lighter, stronger model. Jesse is a very talented and creative individual and we really enjoyed the process that took us from that first visit to the finished product. I have the utmost respect for people who take pride in their work and it is abundantly clear that everyone there has the “strive for perfection” attitude. This was the first prosthetic of its kind that Jesse and company had made so it was no surprise that some adjustments were needed to get it just right. A simple phone call each time and Jesse made time to understand the issues and made the changes – on the spot – at no additional cost. It is very rare today to see that kind of commitment to customer satisfaction – very refreshing and greatly appreciated!!! If you are in need of the kind of services Jesse and his staff can provide, I highly recommend you contact him – you will not be disappointed.

Thanks so much Jesse to you and your staff.

R. Douglas Gee BASc MASc PEng
Norwich, Ontario

Jesse Cornell and his staff at Biodesign give fast, efficient and personalized service to me at a moment’s notice for my prosthetic needs. Being a double amputee this is very important to me to remain very active to raise two small children, drive and work around home. My appointments at Biodesign are always swift, one on one and on time. Jesse is personally willing to go out of his way for his patients for their comfort and needs.

(Happy with my new legs)
Kevin Jobb
Dunnville, Ontario

Just to let you know that you hit a home run on the new swim leg. Work absolutely fantastic, in and out of the water. The lever to switch from walking to swimming is a breeze to operate. I have no pistoning in the walking mode which is great. Tried to pull leg off in the water, it was like it was glued on.

Barry Penrose
Burlington, Ontario

I have been a patient with Jesse off and on for the last 7 years. I started in Edmonton, AB and followed as a patient to his new facility in Brantford. From the very beginning Jesse has been very professional and deeply commited to providing a great fitting prosthesis. I am a AK patient with a very challenging fit. Jesse always took the time to make sure I was happy and comfortable before leaving the office. Jesse is always willing to bring forth new information in this ever challenging field. I would truly recommend BioDesign Prosthetics & Orthotics!!

Dione Guerette
Alberta, Canada

Many thanks,  for making my new leg brace. It is light and fits like a glove.
I very much appreciate the fact the you listened to me, and with patience suggested better and more up-to-date ideas.
Thanks for treating me with respect and being so very prompt.

Gwyn Cookshaw
Waterford, Ontario

We have been working with Jesse at Bio Design since November 2013 after our occupational therapist set up a consultation. Our son was diagnosed with Torticollis, and formed a severe flat spot on his head. We opted to get a Cranial Helmet in hopes of fixing the flat spot, and could not be happier with our decision to do so. In a matter of 4 months our sons head has changed tremendously. Jesse has been a pleasure to work with. He is great with our son, and has really gone above and beyond to ensure we are pleased with the helmet.

Scott, Kelsey and Maxwell Bloomfield
Brantford, Ontario

My son started with Biodesign for his prosthetic needs about 6 months ago. My son was born a below elbow amputee and is now 10. Jesse has been excellent at meeting my son’s needs for prosthetics and in designing his arms with careful thought and top quality products. I have found him to be very receptive to our needs and able to effectively help me navigate the world of prosthetics He has been able to provide the equipment in a timely manner and this is very important for a growing amputee. We have been very happy with his services and would highly recommend him. Although his main office is in Brantford, we have seen Jesse at his other place of business in Hamilton. This has been very helpful and has lessen our travel time to obtain these devices. If you are looking for an excellent prosthetic service then I would suggest you try Biodesign as this has certainly helped my son.

Cheryl Bosse
Hamilton, Ontario

“Tried my leg out today and it’s perfect.  Hope to go swimming at least 3 times a week.  Thanks for everything you did for me and as usual it fits perfect.”

Sue Hood
Simcoe, Ontario

“I am so excited about this helmet!  Although we started this journey long ago it all worked out for the best!  Love the design and now that my son is beginning to show more and more head control and strength in his neck the timing couldn’t be more perfect.  I know this helmet has presented you with many challenges from, design, execution and now funding. I can’t thank you enough for your teams hard work and creativity! You will get nothing but rave reviews from us.  Our son is really a special boy beating all odds thrown at him.  Although no one can predict what lies ahead in his future, near or far, I will do everything to ensure he has everything he needs to be happy and help him succeed. I feel this helmet will be a valuable tool not only to offer much needed protection against falls”

London, Ontario

“My experience with Jesse at Biodesign was wonderful. He is passionate about getting you fitted and back to your active life. His enthusiasm when I was walking again for the first time was amazing and made me feel proud and eager to keep working on getting stronger. It is obvious he works hard on getting the best product and fit for you and is available to help or answer questions in person or by e-mail which was great for me.”

Linden Huizinga
Cambridge, Ontario

“Hey Jesse, It’s been awhile since we have needed to speak or see each other. I just wanted to let you in on some news.  I went to my ortho Doctor back in November. They wanted the CROW on longer so they could see if there was any significant progress.  Today, I went and got x-rays.  The Doctor came in and gave me a high five! He was so impressed with how my foot is changing, and doing so well. It is doing so well that he has made me an appointment to have orthotics! This will be the first time in 4 years I have had the opportunity to wear shoes!! I am so excited and so thankful. You were part of my journey and I defiantly owe you a huge amount of gratitude and thanks.”

Woodstock, Ontario

“Knowledgeable, skilled and very passionate about his patients. Jesse’s expertise as an Orthotist guided me through the process of getting the best possible fit for my “special” shoes and orthotics. Jesse came highly recommended and I have been dealing with him for many years. You will get nothing but the best reviews from me about Jesse and his highly skilled team. I have been walking well and for that, I am truly greatful. Thank you so very much Jesse”

Delhi, Ontario

“Biodesign you made my life a whole lot better! I can’t thank you enough Jesse, your a great person and I’m sure you make a difference in many peoples lives. Thank you once again for my new prosthesis.”

Corey M.
Hamilton, Ontario

“I’m Helen Prine and I would like to say that my experience with Jesse was extremely professional and very friendly. He new exactly what was the most beneficial for my foot problem. Also he was very patient. He gets five star review from me!”

Helen Prine
Carlisle, Ontario


Bom dia,

“Venho por meio demonstrar o meu agrado e agradecimento pelo seu disponibilidade, desempenho, preocupação e o seu profissionalismo neste processo que acorreu durante a minha estadia no seu pais (Canada).
Fiquei novo com mais qualidade de vida que já a mais de dois anos não sabia o que era andar sem dores e qualidade com vontade de viver, havia de haver mais técnicos como o Jesse C. Cornell neste mundo para melhorar as vidas das pessoas com esta deficiência!

Obrigado por todo e o Senhor vai ficar na minha história pelo seu trabalho e dedicação,……. parabéns Doc!

Com os melhores Cumprimentos,”

Abelo de Jesus.


“Good Morning,

I hereby express my appreciation and gratitude for your availability, performance, concern and your professionalism in this process that took place during my stay in your country (Canada).
I was young with better quality of life that for more than two years I didn’t know what it was to walk without pain and quality with the will to live, there would have to be more technicians like Jesse C. Cornell in this world to improve the lives of people with this deficiency!

Thank you for everything and the Lord will stay in my story for your work and dedication,……. congratulations Doc!”

Best regards,

Abel of Jesus

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