Cool “Shin Fins”  

“We have many below knee amputees using shinfin fins around the world and we get great feedback. It depends on the person of course but many below knee amputees can pretty much get back to swimming as normal with shinfin fins, finding them very beneficial. Good hip movement helps and shinfin fins help to develop this too.”

One fin design, highly adaptable.
What disabilities do you need them for?
I have disabled customers with many different disabilities including: motor control problems, Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, neuropathy, stroke complications, below-knee amputees, above-knee amputees, bilateral amputees etc. They find shinfin™ fins invaluable for teaching them to swim, building muscle tone, regaining movement control, rehabilitation etc. They get more fun from swimming and other water activities, and more health benefits too. I get excellent feedback.

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